Me and my boyfriend Alec! I’m gonna talk about him often because he is THE ABSOLUTE BOY

Hello!!!! It’s your girl Tamsin!! Although if you have to read an about page for me I guess I’m not your girl yet.

I’m Tamsin, and I’m a student studying Modern Languages (Adv. French, Ab Initio Japanese, Translation Studies) at University of Bring Me Ham (that’s Birmingham to those who have not brought the ham).

This blog is all about my third year abroad. I’m going to be an exchange student at Waseda University, Tokyo, from September 2017 to August 2018. I’ll also write a bit about France too when I eventually go there for an intensive course the summer afterwards.

A lot of study abroad blogs suffer from being far too fun – it’s all about the good times. Super fun to read, but not too helpful when you’re having a panic google about what the heck a Yakkan Shoumei is. I’m here to be your test dummy! I’m a massive idiot so this blog will end up being more of a guide on what not to do when it comes to your year abroad rather than what to do, but hopefully someone will gain something from my struggles ♥